The Familiar Things

Its hard to let go of some things. Even if they were parts of some situations that caused you pain. Material things come and go , I found this out this week. Had my first car accident this week. And . prayerfully my last. I came out with out a scrap. My Car on the other hand was Murdered. ūüôĀ . I’m gonna miss my car So Much. It Saved MY LIFE So Many Times… On nights when my Ex was getting drunk and ready to be My Ass,or I managed to get away before, I Slept in my car , hide out in my car, had road trips in m car, and its sad to say that my Ex used to say “Rolling From State to State”.It was my favorite saying about me and my car cause that’s what Charlie and I did. It makes me think of that Liberty Mutual commercial.” You loved Brad and then you Totaled him. “. I have fond memories of Charlie, some very recent ūüôā but it time I guess to let it and everything that was associated with it go. Memories and all.


Today i restarted therapy! Its a good thing and something i think everyone should get.My therapist is a Christian Therapist. An she keeps God in the middle . This past week has been a real Emotional roller coaster. AND I URGE all you woman out there to seek help. Not a LIFE Coach because i ran across 1 of those,and those are not therapists . In my opinion they only take your money and dont supply proper help. I tried to inquire about prices to one and they told me that they didnt take my insurance and the cost was $75.00 per session. Im trying to rebuild my trust. I could Not trust my husband! In any way shape or form. But i stayed with him and I Stayed Loyal!! I think im the last of a Dying Breed. The Stand by your Side no Matter what Breed!


Im trying to forgive and forget.I think im making progress. Im not as angry at him as i use to be. I dont hate him! I want him to get help, i dont want him to do to the next girl he done dates the things hes done to me!!!. I want to be free!!!! I need to be free. We all do!!!


A good friend of mine told me i should keep a journal. A day to day reminder of the thoughts that somewhat plague me about my past while i was in my abusive relationship. The truth is ,if i could forget it i really would.I encourage all survivors to do so.To take note of their progress even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Everyday Struggle

Sometimes the Hardest thing to do is to Survive!!! The After shock is like no other!!! The Emotions are Like Nothing you have ever been through or could possibly think you would ever go through.I remember in school they taught us about Stockholm Syndrome, but its not something you ever think that you would have , until you see something that reminds you of the person who put you through hell. And instead of being angry , for a few minutes you find yourself wondering How Their doing!!!!!! How THEIR Coping with the Shards of Fragmented Glass that You Have to Pick Up and Put Back TOGETHER Because THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!! Sometimes the Hardest thing to do is Get up Every Morning and say ” Im a SURVIVOR & IM ALIVE” But you do it !!!

Hello To All Survivors Of Domestic Violence!!!

Hello everyone¬†who’s stumbled onto this site. Its just getting started so in that aspect if a bit¬†like myself , a work in progress! But my goal is for it to become a Fully¬†functioning blog site to help and to prevent Domestic Violence. A place¬†where woman and sadly young girls can post their struggles and get help and¬†receive¬†positive ¬†feed back to help them become Survivors and No longer Victims! I never intended to start a site , much less be putting my own story out there but the Man upstairs had other plans! life is funny that way i guess. So like i said this site is a work in progress so please be patient¬†with me , but Please also know that I know where you Are and I know how you feel!! And you are Not Alone. I am Praying for you All. For your Strength and for Your Survival! God Bless you!